Your Secret Weapon to Organizational Success

By: Elizabeth Cipolla, SPHR, SHRM-SPC

Are you an organizational leader who has been pummeled with what can seem like a relentless barrage of demands stemming from a rapid pace of market shifts, technological advances, and a competitive landscape that has you scrambling just to stay afloat? Have you started to notice that the decades-long trends you once could rely upon to plan for your organization’s future have been replaced with destabilizing trends that you’re still trying to wrap your head around?

You are not alone. Check out these statistics:

  • According to PwC’s 27th Annual Global CEO Survey, 45% of global CEOs think their organization will no longer be economically viable in 10 years’ time, if it continues on its current course, up from 39% in 2023.
  • According to McKinsey’s Global Institute’s 2024 Future of Work Report, by 2030, up to 30 percent of current hours worked could be automated, accelerated by generative AI (gen AI).

If only there could be a secret weapon to protect your organization from harm and turn the uncertainty into an opportunity to thrive when others will be clamoring to survive, right? Well, I’m going to let you in on a secret…

Investing in forward-thinking learning and development programs will be your secret weapon to prepare your organization to prepare for an excitingly uncertain future. Given the lightning pace of change, organizational leaders are realizing that learning and development is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have. Leaders and employees at every level now need to use skills they’ve never been required to use. In fact, the Institute for the Future predicts that 85% of the tech skills needed by 2030 don’t yet exist.

At a time when sitting still is not an option, it is time for organizational leaders to take a long look in the mirror and identify what must be done to become more agile. Learning and development is the key to equipping people to gain the skills needed to lead in ways that have never yet been required. Tomorrow will be here before we know it, and investing in developing your people to grow and develop in sync with your organization’s steadily changing needs is the very definition of agility.

Regardless of your organization’s industry, size, and location, the legacy you’ve worked hard to build rests upon one thing: your ability to reinvent and capitalize on change. Learning and development is your secret weapon to prepare your organization to do just that.