Organizational Agility for Future Success | Session 2


We’re excited to be back again with another 3-part webinar series! This time we’re talking about planning for the future of your organization. As “trends” shift and the market changes, it can feel daunting to keep up. Through this series, we’ll help you understand how you can use a concept called strategic foresight to find what’s most important for your organization to be proactive about and use that to set a course for future success.

Session 2: From Volatility to Vision: Paving a Clear Path for Future Growth
In session two, guest presenter Ricardo Guardiola will delve into the topic of “strategic foresight.” In an era marked by constant change, organizations face the challenge of adapting to evolving landscapes. Ricardo will explore how your organization can transcend volatility and uncertainty by using strategic foresight to understand future trends, risks, and opportunities and developing a roadmap for forward-looking growth.