Organizational Agility for Future Success | Session 3


We’re excited to be back again with another 3-part webinar series! This time we’re talking about planning for the future of your organization. As “trends” shift and the market changes, it can feel daunting to keep up. Through this series, we’ll help you understand how you can use a concept called strategic foresight to find what’s most important for your organization to be proactive about and use that to set a course for future success.

Session 3: What’s Next? Equipping Your Organization for Agile Adaptation

Only the organizations that are well-equipped for quickly assessing, interpreting, and adapting to industry and workplace changes can expect to survive. In this third and final session, we’ll share with you how your organization can transform how you plan for the future in order to become more agile. Laying a foundation of continuous improvement and shifting mindset toward being proactive over reactive are the best ways to ensure your organization doesn’t just survive but thrives for many years to come.