Organizational Agility for Future Success | Session 1

We’re excited to be back again with another 3-part webinar series! This time we’re talking about planning for the future of your organization. As “trends” shift and the market changes, it can feel daunting to keep up. Through this series, we’ll help you understand how you can use a concept called strategic foresight to find what’s most important for your organization to be proactive about and use that to set a course for future success.

Session 1: Don’t Get Left Behind: Understanding Today’s Workplace “Trends”
In today’s dynamic business environment, it’s not uncommon to hear about trends and fads – in recent years the “trends” of remote work, employee experience, and work/life balance come to mind. In this session, we’ll explain how many of these “trends” aren’t trends at all but rather evolved ways of working that are here to stay. If your organization expects to not only survive but thrive in the face of these changes, you must first understand what’s driving them and where they come from. This session will review many of today’s workplace “trends,” explain why they’re here for the long run, and set the stage for session 2, which will provide practical steps to stay ahead by quickly responding to new market trends and customer needs.