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Ryan Betts, VP Human Resources
Betts Industries

"Our company is great at hiring for most positions, but when we needed help with an executive position, we turned to Decision Associates. We felt that we didn't have to 'go it alone' to find the right person. The screening tools that were used helped to match the candidate to the personality and culture of Betts Industries. They identified the traits and performance indicators with the candidates,  and we began a vetting process that was intensive and successful. The whole process was quicker than we thought it would be and was narrowed to a handful of people who were all qualified. It was an easy process to work with Decision Associates, the extra work up front that they did benefited us at the end. Our hire is doing great and exceeding our expectations. We would recommend Aaron Phillips and Elizabeth Cipolla to assist in any executive position needed and will turn to them again.


Betts logo 2016 12 23Ryan Betts, VP Human Resources
Betts Industries

"As a member and graduate of the recent Leadership Peer Group held at Decision Associates, I found the most beneficial outcome, other than the monthly topics, was being connected with others in the same position. I now have a dozen peers to turn to when a question or problem arises in our company. It's great to be able to talk to someone who may have experienced the same situations. I also enjoyed touring other companies with the Peer Group. From this rare opportunity of a behind the scenes look, I was able to take this experience and return to our facility and implement valuable improvements. I would recommend this Peer Group to others in leadership positions."


Logo4Erin Green, President
Verify Services, LLC

"We have truly enjoyed and benefited from the Decision Associates strategy process. Aaron Phillips and Elizabeth Cipolla are both outstanding to work with and have been super helpful, resourceful and supportive throughout."


Logo4Sara Wurst, Director of Operations
Verify Services, LLC

"The Performance Review that Decision Associates created not only meets all of our needs but exceeded our expectations. We have been utilizing this format for several years now and have found the review easy to complete for both management and employees. The Performance Review is an interactive process that promotes employee engagement directly related to the primary responsibilities of each position and puts the employees in the driver's seat of their professional growth. This review process has proven to be meaningful to our employees demonstrated by employees talking about their review and the objectives they have set for themselves throughout the year."


testimonial accudynDanielle Bates, CPA, Controller
Accudyn Products, Inc.

“Being in a peer group is extremely valuable because it’s a place where you can speak confidentially to other business professionals who understand your business issues, and can help you develop a path forward to handling them. It has also fostered my professional growth and helped me to understand and implement a variety of management techniques and strategies through the analysis of several books and articles.”


testimonial accudyn 2Peg Bly, President

Accudyn Products, Inc.

“Decision Associates, and in particular Don Moore and Jim Ryan, has helped channel Accudyn’s energy into what are the best strengths of our company, and has kept us focused on the task at hand. They are helping us to be the best at what we say we are going to be.”


amatech logo2Jason Amatangelo

Amatech-Polycel, Inc.

“Decision Associates has done a great job for us in the marketing sector of our business. They are very knowledgeable about Amatech and always conduct themselves in a professional manner. Their methodology has been a great asset to us in heling to build long term relationships. They have been almost like an Amatech employee in that they are organized in their thoughts and concerned about the next steps that are needed to be done by us. I would recommend Decision Associates and Emily Wachter, in particular, for future marketing projects.”


testimonial amatechDavid A Amatangelo, President


“Amatech/Polycel has been engaged with Decision Associates for several years. They have guided us in implementing our Strategic Plan and kept us on track and task. If it wasn’t for their realistic approach this would have been one more failed attempt at planning. They had a knack for explaining our shortcomings in a way that even we could understand. During this process we had them conduct a Customer Survey. With this information we were able to prioritize our strategies with real information not just our opinion. This will definitely be an on-going process with these folks; this was one of the few times that I contracted with a consulting firm that I actually felt I got my money’s worth.

testimonial amerialAlan Schaal, Owner

Amerail Systems

“Don Moore has exceeded my expectations in a professional and timely manner in every business and personnel challenge that we presented to him. He is a pleasure to work with and I respect him as a business consultant, as an individual and as a friend. We will continue to utilize him now and in the future as we plan our business strategies.”


testimonial american tinningRobin Scheppner, Vice President and CEO

American Tinning and Galvanizing Co.

“Of most significance was the benefit of an outside, objective assessment of my staff as we approached the current succession planning. Not only was it enlightening, but I underscored feelings and observations I already possessed. It was much more palatable for the managers to hear it from an outside authority. Don Moore and Joe Gausman are great listeners, very articulate and came very well recommended by business acquaintances. They both have presented themselves very professionally with a great deal of expertise and breadth of knowledge.”


American Turned ProductsScott Eighmy, CEO

American Turned Products (ATP)

“Decision Associates conducted a marketing research project for us recently that resulted in a large new customer, and we have a list that we will continue to target. Ricardo Guardiola was very thorough and has a good methodology that has been refined at Decision Associates. Our expectations were exceeded in that we got a lot more information that we originally thought we could get. Their “step by step” approach worked well for ATP, and we would recommend their team for other projects of this type.”


brookvilleJoel McNeil

Brookville Equipment Corp.

“Brookville Equipment Corp has used Decision Associates for our recruiting efforts. The process they use is effective and the quality of the candidates found met our expectations. They are professional and responded to us in a very timely manner when there were questions. We are highly satisfied and would recommend Decision Associates to others for recruiting efforts and we will use them again when our needs arise.”


chautauquaGeorge Murphy, VP & Chief Marketing Officer
Chautauqua Institution 

“Mike Smiley and Ricardo Guardiola of Decision Associates were given a research survey project for Chautauqua Institution and the work was performed extremely well. We were satisfied with the work, the project scope was consistent and the time table was aggressive. They actually were able to speed up the work when we pushed them for immediate feedback, rather than waiting for the project to be completed. We were able to use the results to modify our work exactly as we had hoped. The consultants were professional and organized, had good insight on what we hoped to accomplish and were thorough in their research. We would be happy to recommend Decision Associates to other organizations for research work of this type.”

DeCommunity Blood Bank2anna Renaud, Executive Director
Community Blood Bank

"At the time Elizabeth Cipolla from Decision Associates began consulting for CBB, we were going through a period of difficult transition. We knew there were administrative items that needed to be addressed, but Elizabeth went further. She could see that our culture had been negatively impacted by a series of challenges in previous years. More importantly, she knew how to help us change that.

"Thanks to the programs Elizabeth developed for CBB, we enjoy a completely different culture. There is a positivity and comradery that permeates our organization now. People report feeling appreciated and more part of the process. There is laughter again, and that's a wonderful sound to hear."

ComposiflexMike Chesley, President

"My Decision Associates Peer Group was critical to my development as a leader. Within that environment of trust and confidentiality, I found solutions to issues and challenges that I would not have been able to resolve on my own. I think everyone in the room felt the same way; we all learned we have similar issues regardless of the business we are in. I believe the peer group to be one of the most impactful programs that I have attended throughout my career. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to really challenge themselves to be better every day."

ComposiflexMike Chesley, President


“Decision Associates continues to help us recruit exceptional candidates for our growing company. I am very pleased with Abby Lechner and Aaron Phillips. Their abilities definitely complement each other and they clearly understand the culture of our company. We recently hired two additional key team members that are working out great. We are also very pleased with Ricardo Guardiola. Ricardo conducts extensive market research, for our company, and he continues to impress us with his ability to locate important market information.”


ComposiflexMike Chesley, President


“I am very impressed with Decision Associates and their team’s ability to find exceptional candidates. We have used them to successfully fill a number of key executive and professional positions within our organization. Their multi-step structured approach continues to provide us with the talent we need to drive our business growth.”

EmergyCareBill Hagerty, Executive Director


“EmergyCare retained the services of Decision Associates in the fall of 2009 to guide us through the Strategic Planning process. Don Moore and his group of experts took our senior management team and select Board members through what I felt would be an arduous process. What resulted was a stronger senior team and a cohesive relationship with our Board of Directors, not to mention a roadmap (Strategic Plan) for the next 3-5 years. I definitely recommend Decision Associates to the nonprofit sector as we completed another update in 2015, and we continue to use them as the need arises.”


EHCACharles Walczak, CEO
Erie Homes for Children and Adults (EHCA)

“When we needed a research project, we called Decision Associates. They conducted the research and presented it well to our group so that all expectations were met. They were knowledgeable, not only about the research, but they did their homework on EHCA and knew what was needed at the front end. They always followed up, were organized and all of the presentations were very well done with positive results for us. I would not hesitate to recommend Decision Associates and would definitely call them again if needed.”



Great Lakes Cast StoneSteve Henderson, President
Great Lakes Cast Stone, Inc.

“When we needed to make a new hire, we contacted Decision Associates. We were very pleased with the process that they used and the attention they gave to our company. Though we didn’t find the ideal candidate for the job, they moved us in a direction that actually made more sense than hiring. They guided us on the right path for the changes and made recommendations that were perfect for our organization. They looked at what the best decision for our company was, even though it wasn’t the first path that we took. We valued the insight, suggestions and the good working relationship that we built. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Decision Associates for recruiting and/or operational improvements.”


HH Machined ProductsAndrew Foyle, President

H&H Machined Products

“Decision Associates did a great job for us on our marketing and sales project. They were able to research a comprehensive list of prospects and assist us in moving those names to our customer list. They also recommended and aided us in receiving a grant to cover some of the costs. There was also room in the budget to include a creative agency to help with marketing. Along the way, we accomplished a customer survey with Sue Moore and received testimonials that we are now able to use in our marketing efforts at H&H Machined Products. I would absolutely recommend Decision Associates for marketing research and sales.”



Tom Tupitza, President
Knox McLaughlin Gornall & Sennett, P.C.

 “Decision Associates assisted Knox Law in two key searches: the hiring of our first Marketing Director and the replacement of a long-time Chief Administrative Officer. Abby Lechner led both searches, joined in the latter by Aaron Phillips. They guided us through a process that identified well-qualified candidates and included thorough assessments and interviews, resulting in each case in an excellent hire. Abby and Aaron were diligent, pleasant and professional in all of their interactions with the candidates and our team. We won’t hesitate to use them again when the need arises.”

MCE Logo 2016 Grayscale Horizontal2Jim Willats, President
Machining Concepts

"In my Decision Associates Peer Group, I learned to truly "think outside the box" and consider new avenues to grow my business. The experience was invaluable. While our group members came from different industries, we looked to each other for advice, encouragement and support to address the issue in our own companies. Decision Associates challenged us to address the issues that were tough but had the most impact on our business. I feel strongly enough about it that I have asked my boys to become part of this upcoming peer group; it will be one of the best things I can do for their growth."

namiDenise Kolovoski, Executive Director
NAMI of Erie County (National Alliance on Mental Issues

“Decision Associates has knowledge and expertise about a full range of services, particularly in marketing and other issues that impact businesses and nonprofits. They can open doors for us and their contacts are great – that’s something that I haven’t found an equal for in another agency. They have been very prompt and the team is always prepared for meetings. They’re fantastic and have enhanced our entire agency. Decision Associates is not only dedicated to meeting their client’s expectations, but works hard to exceed them. Their creative solutions to our organization’s specific needs have helped us to better serve our clients and the community. Their knowledge of marketing and development of strategies helped in the compilation of a comprehensive survey. The results of the surveys completed in 2015 have allowed NAMI of Erie County to further our mission of helping children and families with mental illness in the Erie area. It is through Decision Associates’ thorough and professional work that were able to pinpoint demographics and trends in the areas we serve.”

" Aaron Phillips does a fantastic job as our HR representative. We have had some tough months at NAMI with HR issues during 2017. Aaron has been available when we needed him and has great advice and counsel. He gives 110% effort every time we have an HR issue and I greatly appreciate it. I also trust his recommendations for the agency as we work together to build a good team at the NAMI office."


smithsJohn Weber, President
Smith Provision Co., Inc.

"On both a professional and personal level, my Decision Associates Peer Group was a life-changing experience. I forged relationships with other group members that continue today. With Don Moore's insight and guidance, we shared challenges, learned from each other, held each other accountable, and returned to our respective organizations as better leaders. It may have been the single most important process in helping me become a better leader."


smithsSara Kallner, Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Smith Provision Co., Inc.

“Smith Provision has been working with Decision Associates for over a decade, and during that time has engaged the firm to develop a strategic plan, assist in human capital project work, as well as participate in several of the firm’s Peer Groups. Recently, we have retained the services of Abby Lechner and Aaron Phillips to assist with industry specific recruiting. I cannot begin to express how pleased I have been with not only the results, but with the process and discipline that Abby and Aaron bring to the table. I would recommend their recruiting and human capital search services without reservation to anyone who may be looking for a successful addition to their team.”



Frank DeDionisio, Former Owner
Stefanelli's Candies

“Initially, I discussed selling Stefanelli’s with an out of state company that specialized in such matters, but it was not the right fit. Then, through the recommendation of our Chamber of Commerce, I contacted Decision Associates M&A to sell the business for me. Don Moore and B.J. Lechner were very professional throughout the process and were always there to answer my questions. If they didn’t know the answer, they were upfront about it, obtained the answers and then got back to me. They didn’t “leave me hanging out there” and kept me calm throughout the process, as well as remaining calm themselves. They facilitated the sale so that there were no major problems. I would highly recommend their services to anyone interested in buying or selling their business, and since the sale of Stefanelli’s, I have already recommended Decision Associates M&A to several business associates who are interested in selling their companies.”

tristateCindy Taraszki, Practice Administrator and Bill Becker, Marketing Specialist
Tri-State Pain Institute

“Mike Smiley of Decision Associates has been working with Tri-State Pain Institute for several years. He is extremely knowledgeable and familiar with the health care industry as a whole, and in particular in the Erie area. Knowing those dynamics has helped us continue to grow and be successful. Mike has a way of pointing us in the right direction especially when it seems that we might be going down the wrong path.  He always responds to our questions, whether by email or phone or in person, and we value his answers and opinions. He is truly a professional and we would not hesitate to recommend Mike and his marketing experience to other Decision Associates clients in the health care industry.”



upmc hamotLynn Rupp, VP Strategic and Operational Performance
UPMC Hamot

“We used Decision Associates for strategic planning and found them to be useful in leading conversations and gathering consensus. I found them to be very fair. They had honesty and integrity and helped us reach to a plan that was agreed upon by all.”


visiterieJohn Oliver, President

“Decision Associates exceeded our expectations, which were very high to start with, and we were pleased with the result of their work and assistance on our strategic plan. They were the right organization at the right time to help our organization become what we need to be in the next few years. They led us in such a way to allow us to move forward, which is not always easy, and accomplish a lot in a short time. The proof is that the strategic plan has been widely acknowledged as being perfect for us with comments coming not just from within, but from the community as well. We will engage them again when we are ready for an update.”


“We used Decision Associates for strategic planning and found them to be useful in leading conversations and gathering consensus. I found them to be very fair. They had honesty and integrity and helped us reach to a plan that was agreed upon by all.”

~ Lynn Rupp, VP Strategic and Operational Performance
UPMC Hamot

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