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A strong focus on sales and marketing is critical even during times of growth.

corry rubber corp logoCorry Rubber Corporation is a small, family owned manufacturing company that has been in business for over 50 years. As with all small companies, the owner and top management team all wear many hats and tend to every aspect of the business every day.

In the case of Corry Rubber, the owners are technically focused, engineers by trade. They know all about the machinery, the products and their daily schedules to get the job done.

However, when it comes to sales and marketing, they are not as knowledgeable and as a result, these are two areas that tend to be put on hold or at the bottom of the priority scale.

Ernie Ferro, Jr., as President of Corry Rubber, wears the sales and marketing hat, and realized that they needed to start to focus in those areas. He has said “that even though their company is successful and growing through word of mouth and limited efforts by manufacturers’ representatives, we needed a coherent, focused approach to sales and marketing.” He also said that without a plan, it is difficult to look into the future and plan for equipment purchases, facility improvements and growth in terms of dollars.

That’s when he called DecisionAssociates to help develop a coherent, focused sales and marketing initiative. By working with Mike Estrich, Ernie says that many improvements have been made. Mike assisted with a review of the representatives and developed determinations to nurture and grow the base of reps. They began to have monthly sales meetings as a way to improve communications. Each meeting follows a standard agenda so the reps know what to expect each month. They talk about their successes and how to solve issues that have arisen since the previous meeting. They are also kept up to date on new developments at Corry Rubber so that they can continue to sell at the highest possible levels.

“The sales meetings have resulted in improved communications and a transformation in the reps so that they now seem to be interested in developing more business for us so that they have success stories to share. The sales and marketing aspect of the business takes less of my time, is being managed by someone with good experience and insight and therefore performs better than if it were left to me alone. With the help of Decision Associates, I now feel that we’re getting the attention from the reps that we deserve.”

Ernie couldn’t be more pleased, and Decision Associates is proud of his accomplishments.

"Our company is great at hiring for most positions, but when we needed help with an executive position, we turned to Decision Associates. We felt that we didn't have to 'go it alone' to find the right person. The screening tools that were used helped to match the candidate to the personality and culture of Betts Industries. They identified the traits and performance indicators with the candidates, and we began a vetting process that was intensive and successful. The whole process was quicker than we thought it would be and was narrowed to a handful of candidates who were all qualified. It was an easy process to work with Decision Associates, the extra work up front that they did benefited us at the end. Our hire is going great and exceeding our expectations. We would recommend Aaron Phillips and Elizabeth Cipolla to assist in any executive position needed and will turn to them again."

~ Ryan Betts, VP Human Resources
Betts Industries

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