4 Ways You Can Stand Out In A Cluttered Inbox

With between 3 and 4 billion emails being sent and received every day, making your email marketing campaigns stand out can be a challenge. Whether you are recruiting new talent, reaching out to a sales prospect or communicating with potential investors, let’s review some tips to elevate your email game.  

  1. Promise value in your subject line. Consumers can sniff out a sales pitch from a mile away, and it’s not typically a scent they enjoy. Ditch the sales talk and be mindful of the tone of voice you are using. Your subject line needs to give clients hope that further value awaits them in the body of your email. Tell them how the content you are providing is going to benefit them. Directly stating what the email is about doesn’t cut it. 
  1. Make sure your content can be viewed properly on multiple platforms. What good does an email do if the individual receiving it can’t read it due to formatting issues? It is not uncommon for graphic elements like images or charts to deform text pieces in your emails when they are not embedded properly for various devices. With almost half of worldwide emails being sent and received via a mobile device, it has created a separate branch of email marketing revolving around the optimization of the mobile email format. 
  1. Include a call to action. Without a CTA (call to action) button, you are not drawing on your recipients toward any type of action that would benefit them in addition to the growth of your own organization. Placing a CTA button in the appropriate spots can sometimes be the difference between no engagement and a large uptick in traffic.   
  1. Be brief. Potential clients owe you nothing, so do not expect anything from them. Getting to the point and showing them that your email is meant specifically for them establishes good will and respect. Supporting data is great but use it sparingly and with caution to not overwhelm the client. In addition, keep a demeanor of genuineness, personality, and professionalism.  

The secret to email success? Be brief and be actionable! Anything less will simply not equal success.  

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