Recession-proof Your Nonprofit – Two Upcoming Seminars!

Two Seminars to ensure sustainability and success

In a recession, donors, granting agencies and funding agencies focus on supporting the top performing nonprofits in each service sector. Meanwhile, under-performing nonprofits often are urged to consolidate.

Now is the time to establish the framework that will propel your nonprofit into The Top 20% and ensure your organization’s sustainability and success. From experience, we know that:

  • The Top 20% have the strongest reserves and financial sustainability
  • The Top 20% have the best market and public awareness
  • The best people want to be board members, employees and volunteers in The Top 20%
  • The Top 20% attract the best partners: related agencies, foundations, corporations, corporate foundations, board members and others
  • The Top 20% are able to develop the best relationships with funders, regulators and political entities

Decision Associates has worked with many of the region’s highest performing nonprofits, studying their characteristics and comparing their performance by using ranking data from industry trade associations and our own studies. We invite board and staff from your organization to join us for one or more of this special series designed to help you recession-proof your nonprofit.

Each 90-minute seminar will be held at the WQLN Learning Center in Erie, PA. Registration is free for NPP members, $50 per seminar for non-members.

Brand Power: Engaging your stakeholders to build loyalty and contributions

Presented by Mike Smiley
September 22, 8:30-10 a.m.

• How to leverage your brand to strengthen relationships with stakeholders
• How to develop your brand story to increase donations and grant awards
• How to identify corporate partners for co-branding that elevates your cause
• How to use stakeholder listening to create more powerful messages

Leadership Development: Preparing your team and board to carry out the organizational mission

Presented by Aaron Phillips and Abigail Lechner
November 17, 8:30-10 a.m.

• How to recruit and retain the best employees
• How to build a team that will embrace your organization’s mission
• How to develop metrics that will achieve your organization’s goals
• How to leverage the strengths and skill sets of your board of directors