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Aaron Phillips  

Executive Recruitment - We can assist you in your Hiring Process
by Aaron Phillips

The February newsletter article introduced 5 elements of business ownership: The Owners’s Role, Strategy, The Economy, Succession and Selling/Buying a business.

Are you struggling to find qualified candidates for your open positions? Have you recently hired a candidate you thought was perfect for the role but ended up not working out? Have you experienced high turnover with new hires? These are very common issues for companies when filling open positions. The labor market seems to be on shifting sands over the last several years. At one moment it favors the company and the next it favors the candidates. This has resulted in many companies struggling to attract qualified applicants as well as retain top performers.

These are some of the reasons and the situations that lead companies to using an executive recruiter, and how Decision Associates can turn your hiring frustrations into a positive experience. For the last several decades, we have been assisting companies throughout the tri-county area with their executive recruiting needs. Decision Associates specializes in professional placement. The roles range from entry level supervisory roles to presidents of companies.

Decision Associates has been very successful securing talent for companies. Over the last two years, candidates we have placed have a 95% success rate. That is a very high success rate, so you may be asking yourself why they are so successful? We relate our success to our process. We have perfected a recruiting process that uses a variety of tools to identify talent for the roles.

One part of the process at Decision Associates that has generated positive results over the past few years has been our ability to identify the “passive job seeker.” The passive job seeker is the candidate who is not actively looking for a new position but may become interested after learning more about the role. Decision Associates uses various methods to identify candidates that fit the criteria for the position and then contacts them directly.

Another critical element to the success of the process is the use of an assessment. A profile of the position is developed by the hiring company. This profile identifies key characteristics for the role in three critical areas: thinking style, behavioral style and career interests.Each of the final candidates being considered for a position participates in the assessment. The results of the assessment are compared against the profile for the role developed by the company to determine if there is a fit for the role. The assessment used by Decision Associates passes federal validation requirements for assessing job applicants. Unlike others, such as the DiSC Instrument and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the assessment by Decision Associates has the endorsement of the Society for Human Resource Management, the American Society for Training and Development, the United States Department of Labor and U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. This is vital if a candidate would challenge not being hired for the role based on the results of the assessment.

Do you want to learn more? Do you have a key hiring need for your organization? Contact Aaron Phillips or Abigail Lechner and they can assist you with any questions regarding Executive Recruitment. Call Aaron at 814-528-9405 or email him at Abby can be reached at 814-528-9408 or