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Do You Own a Business…or a Financial Instrument
by Don Moore



Don Moore


The February newsletter article introduced 5 elements of business ownership: The Owners’s Role, Strategy, The Economy, Succession and Selling/Buying a business.

This is the second in the series and I’ll focus on the Owner’s responsibility to grow the business’s value. It is at once the most simple, and the most complex, of issues: Why does the business exist? 

About 60% of the 1,000+ individuals on our mailing list own a business or are key advisors to those who own businesses.  Most of the key advisors take the position that a business is first and foremost a “financial instrument.” That is, the business is a form of wealth. The wealth is in two forms: the value of assets and the stream of income. As such, it can be converted to a different form of wealth by selling the business and putting the money into a different financial instrument such as the stock market or another business or real estate.

So, the first and most important role of an Owner is to decide whether this business is the best financial instrument from among the options available. Simply stated: Is this business the best place to generate and store wealth?

News From The Assessment World!!
by Jim Ryan

Jim Ryan


Jim Ryan


The use of behavioral assessment instruments in selection and human capital development continues to explode worldwide. Organizations of every size, structure and in every industry are using them to help ensure the people they are bringing on board are the right fit for the job and culture. And, once on board, that they continue to develop their skills and capacity for high levels of performance, teamwork and personal growth. 

As many of our clients know, the firm we have been associated with for many years, Profiles International, has been acquired by John Wiley & Sons. Profiles was one of the largest and fastest growing international assessment developers and publishers in the world.  That caught the attention of Wiley. John Wiley & Sons is one of the world’s largest publishers of textbooks, journals and scientific research resources. They also have a hand in assessment. With the acquisition of Profiles International, we now have the resources to enhance our assessment offerings for our clients’ benefit.

I recently had the opportunity to become an Authorized Partner with Wiley for two products:  Everything DiSC and the new PXT Select. I am also certified in both products by attending a comprehensive course of study and passing certification examinations. A brief review of each follows.

Applying Primary and Secondary Research Investments to Achieve Greater Growth
by Ricardo Guardiola



Ricardo Guardiola


“One day a man walked into Asgard Inc. and changed the company forever. Unlike anyone who came before, he remembered and understood data as naturally as a fish swims in water. The CEO was shocked at how well the man knew the company. He started posing questions to this man. Who are my best customers? Why is this product struggling? Where is my greatest growth happening? The man answered these and more. Using his understanding of data, he identified key new markets, he discovered the best places to invest capital, and he even predicted the future. Overnight Asgard Inc. changed. Where before the CEO relied on limited information and gut feelings, now true knowledge guided his actions. The CEO took the man's hand in gratitude and asked, “Who are you?” and he replied, ‘I am Business Intelligence.’” ~ Jeremy Kolb

An organization’s research methodologies and practices fundamentally correlate with strategic decision making and desirable outcomes. We categorize all research into two complimentary categories, primary and secondary research. Once an organization assesses research needs, its value for its business, and what decisions the organization will make based on the findings, the organization has an objective standard for designing and implementing specific, actionable research initiatives to support strategic executable growth and shape further research driving decisions on an ongoing basis throughout the organization. 

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