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CEO Role: Strategy, the Economy, Succession and M&A - Yes, they are Connected!
by Don Moore



Don Moore


As the owner of a 32-year-old consulting firm with 10 very talented professionals, there are certain roles that I've gravitated to and others that someone on my team is better suited to provide. The role that clients expect of me is to help them look downfield and position their business strategically within the competitive environment. That is the first way in which the 5 topics above are all directly related: each of these topics are the highest order of strategic issues that an owner has to address. Over the next few newsletters, I am going to address each. I'll tie them together in this article, then dive deeper into the topics and their interconnection.

First, let's set the stage. Decision Associates' client base is 65% privately held companies; there are no publically traded or private equity owned companies. Most are very high performing, sitting near the top among their peers. The other 35% is in the nonprofit sector. Interestingly, most of these are very similar to our privately held clients: most offer a fee based service to the community, are led by a strong executive and have a substantial staff and budget. For whatever reason, most of those that we work with are high performers. So, we've developed a deep expertise in supporting and guiding high performance entities. We are also pretty successful at helping entities that are not yet high performers but have the drive to do so.

Capitalize on Disruptive Change with Market Research
by Ricardo Guardiola



Ricardo Guardiola


So, you believe that a game-changing disruption in your market is on the horizon? Your internal experts predict it and trusted industry insiders agree. But do you truly have all the information you need to make critical and strategic decisions for the future of your company?

This was exactly the case for a recent Decision Associates client who has interests in the waterborne transportation of metals, energy commodities and agricultural products. With our careful, evidence-based analysis of domestic and global data, we were able to clearly define their timeline for profitable growth as well as the scope of the opportunities at hand.

Companies that are most successful at executing strategy from the actionable insights ascertained from information outside of their control, yet critical to their success, shape the future of their industries.  Every company needs insight into the future of their industries to learn how to grow profitably from novel opportunities and how to mitigate risks from forces beyond their control.

The Content Marketing Revolution
by Mike Smiley



Mike Smiley


The past several years have marked an historic transformation for businesses and organizations, both large and small, and it centers on content.

As a consumer, you are undoubtedly aware that the majority of companies are now marketing with content - that is, going beyond the traditional advertising and communications channels. Instead, companies are enhancing their brands and relationships by publishing (or passing along) relevant information, ideas and entertainment that their stakeholders will value.

The success of content marketing has dramatically changed the way we communicate. This content marketing revolution signals more than a mere marketing fad. It marks an important new chapter in the history of business communications: an era of customer education and corporate transparency.

News Clips

Jim Ryan, Senior Partner in Decision Associates, recently participated in the Profiles International Partner Conference in Austin, Texas. Profiles International offers employee assessments and talent management solutions to more than 40,000 customers in 122 countries. As a strategic business partner with the organization, Jim helps organizations on a national basis in selecting and developing high performance workforces. Jim has moved to Florida, but remains connected to the Erie office and continues to serve the assessment needs of local clients. To learn more about Profiles International, contact Jim at 814.881.2203 or

Interested in watching how things are made? We congratulate our client, Ernie Ferro of Corry Rubber, who was recently featured in Made in America on Jet TV and Fox 66. To watch the video, click on the MADE IN AMERICA: CORRY RUBBER CORP thumbnail below the main video at

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