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Executive Recruitment - We can assist you in your Hiring Process
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Aaron Phillips  

Executive Recruitment - We can assist you in your Hiring Process
by Aaron Phillips

The February newsletter article introduced 5 elements of business ownership: The Owners’s Role, Strategy, The Economy, Succession and Selling/Buying a business.

Are you struggling to find qualified candidates for your open positions? Have you recently hired a candidate you thought was perfect for the role but ended up not working out? Have you experienced high turnover with new hires? These are very common issues for companies when filling open positions. The labor market seems to be on shifting sands over the last several years. At one moment it favors the company and the next it favors the candidates. This has resulted in many companies struggling to attract qualified applicants as well as retain top performers.

These are some of the reasons and the situations that lead companies to using an executive recruiter, and how Decision Associates can turn your hiring frustrations into a positive experience. For the last several decades, we have been assisting companies throughout the tri-county area with their executive recruiting needs. Decision Associates specializes in professional placement. The roles range from entry level supervisory roles to presidents of companies.

Decision Associates has been very successful securing talent for companies. Over the last two years, candidates we have placed have a 95% success rate. That is a very high success rate, so you may be asking yourself why they are so successful? We relate our success to our process. We have perfected a recruiting process that uses a variety of tools to identify talent for the roles.

One part of the process at Decision Associates that has generated positive results over the past few years has been our ability to identify the “passive job seeker.” The passive job seeker is the candidate who is not actively looking for a new position but may become interested after learning more about the role. Decision Associates uses various methods to identify candidates that fit the criteria for the position and then contact them directly.


Mike Smiley  
How Manufacturers are using Paid Search Marketing to drive Lead Generation and Sales
by Mike Smiley

More and more companies have come to understand that the purchasing processes of their B2B customers today are mirroring the behaviors of B2C customers - that is, they spend a lot of time online vetting their options. In fact, recent industry studies suggest that nearly half of industrial professionals visit 10 or more work-related websites each week.

A search-optimized, responsive website improves the chances that one of the sites visited could be yours. Taking online marketing a step further, numerous manufacturers have learned that paid search, also known as pay-per-click advertising, can boost their marketing performance even more. Consider these five direct benefits:

Lead Generation
Paid search can drive a range of online activity, such as downloads of case studies, free product demos, even simple request-for-info forms. With an optimized landing page and relevant content with a strong call to action, you should start to see leads grow quickly. Often, you can integrate paid search with your current CRM (customer relationship management) system to track performance to provide an accurate assessment of how paid search is performing for your business.

Brand Awareness

While leads and sales are the ultimate objective, increasing awareness of your company and products can be critical for developing prospects and future customers. Paid search helps to keep your company and products top of mind for online users who may be familiar with your company from other media channels, trade shows or word of mouth. A good brand awareness ad should clearly identify your brand, the products you offer or what sets you apart from competitors.


News Clips

Decision Associates is a finalist in the 2016 Commitment to Erie Business Awards - Legacy Award and Commitment to Erie as an Employer with 50 or fewer employees. We are proud to serve the Erie community and are very pleased to be a finalist. The awards will be presented on Wednesday evening, September 14. We look forward to meeting all of the nominees!

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