Part II: What Do Potential Buyers Really Want from Your Business?

BJ Lechner
Posted: Tuesday Oct 3rd, 2017

Profits, a diversified customer base, and a proprietary product or intellectual property are all important in attracting the interest of a serious buyer in your business, as I discussed in Part I in our last newsletter. But serious buyers will also take an in-depth look at your employees and facilities before deciding to make an offer. Here's what they may be looking for...

Connecting to Customers (Instead of Trying to Sell to Them)

Mike Smiley
Posted: Tuesday Oct 3rd, 2017

In the past 18 months, several clients have asked for help with a very similar challenge. Regardless of industry, the companies are seeking solutions to better engage their customers.

How to Identify a Target for Acquisition

Don Moore
Posted: Tuesday Oct 3rd, 2017

If my article "Reasons to Consider Entering New Markets through Business Acquisition" has you interested in acquiring a business, you might be wondering how to identify a company to target for purchase. Specifically, how do you go about finding the business that's the right match for your needs?

"The Performance Review that Decision Associates created not only meets all of our needs but exceeded our expectations. We have been utilizing this format for several years now and have found the review easy to complete for both management and employees. The Performance Review is an interactive process that promotes employee engagement directly related to the primary responsibilities of each position and puts the employee in the driver's seat of their professional growth. This review process has proven to be meaningful to our employees demonstrated by employees talking about their review and the objectives they have set for themselves throughout the year."

~ Sara Wurst, Director of Operations
Verify Services, LLC

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