Part I: What Do Potential Buyers Really Want from Your Business?

B.J. Lechner
Posted: Wednesday Aug 16th, 2017

Time and again, I’ve been approached by business owners selling their company who are frustrated by the lack of interest from serious buyers. My first question to them is whether they’ve pursued a certified valuation that will provide an objective analysis of their company’s true worth.

Retaining Top Talent When Selling Your Business

Aaron Phillips
Posted: Wednesday Aug 16th, 2017

Retaining key members of your staff during the sales process is one item that can help maximize the transaction value.

How Your Marketing Investment Impacts the Sales Value of Your Business

Mike Smiley
Posted: Wednesday Aug 16th, 2017

You’ve heard the advice before – if you are serious about selling your business in the near future, you need to prepare at least three years in advance. Otherwise, you risk leaving money on the table. And your investment in marketing is a critical part of that advance preparation.

Reasons to Consider Entering New Markets through Business Acquisition

Don Moore
Posted: Wednesday Aug 16th, 2017

Business owners wanting to expand into a new market often determine acquiring an established company, rather than starting new, can minimize not only risks, but the time and costs associated with expanding into new markets.

“Decision Associates did a great job for us on our marketing and sales project. They were able to research a comprehensive list of prospects and assist us in moving those names to our customer list. They also recommended and aided us in receiving a grant to cover some of the costs. There was also room in the budget to include a creative agency to help with our own marketing. Along the way, we accomplished a customer survey with Sue Moore and received testimonials that we are now able to use in our marketing efforts at H&H Machined Products. I would absolutely recommend Decision Associates for marketing research and sales.”

~ Andrew Foyle, President
H&H Machined Products

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