How Employees Want to Work in 2022

Decision Associates
Posted: Tuesday Nov 23rd, 2021

Work From HomeDecision Associates has been talking with several clients about their employees' interest in various work options for 2022 and also conducted an online poll. The poll results may surprise you:

  • 100% Remote: 15%
  • 100% Office: 15%
  • 50% Remote/50% Office: 27%
  • I Choose When I Go To Office: 42%

"We engaged Decision Associates in our search for Executive Director of Erie Center for Arts and Technology. We could not have had a more professional search for the most critical role in our organization. Everything throughout the process lined up better than we expected. The best part of the engagement with Decision Associates was the homework they used to prepare us for this hire. Decision Associates legitimized the search and we feel this attracted the best candidates for the role."

~ Charles "Boo" Hagerty
Board Chair, ECAT

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