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Posted: Monday Oct 25th, 2021

November 2021 Webinar 2021 10 19 C2Company culture, employee recruitment, staff retention...these and other workforce challenges are likely keeping you up at night. Help is on the way! Join us for our FREE, three-part webinar series, "What Got You Here, Won't Get You There." Click here to register!

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"Our company is great at hiring for most positions, but when we needed help with an executive position, we turned to Decision Associates. We felt that we didn't have to 'go it alone' to find the right person. The screening tools that were used helped to match the candidate to the personality and culture of Betts Industries. They identified the traits and performance indicators with the candidates, and we began a vetting process that was intensive and successful. The whole process was quicker than we thought it would be and was narrowed to a handful of candidates who were all qualified. It was an easy process to work with Decision Associates, the extra work up front that they did benefited us at the end. Our hire is going great and exceeding our expectations. We would recommend Aaron Phillips and Elizabeth Cipolla to assist in any executive position needed and will turn to them again."

~ Ryan Betts, VP Human Resources
Betts Industries

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