What Makes Decision Associates Consultants Good at What They Do?

Decision Associates
Posted: Thursday Oct 21st, 2021

Terry Cascioli, executive consultant at Decision Associates in Erie, PA, discusses what makes the members of the business consulting group good at what they do--from strategy, succession, marketing and sales to recruiting, organizational culture and training.

"In my Decision Associates Peer Group, I learned to truly 'think outside the box' and consider new avenues to grow my business. The experience was invaluable. while our group members came from different industries, we looked to each other for advice, encouragement and support to address the issues in our own companies. Decision Associates challenged us to address the issues that were tough but had the most impact on our business. I feel strongly enough about it that I have asked my boys to become part of this upcoming peer group; it will be one of the best things I can do for their growth."

~ Jim Willats, President
Machining Concepts

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