Executive Candidate Experience: Meet Julian Torres

Meet Julian Torres, Vice President of Engineering at American Turned Products. Julian first connected with Decision Associates in September 2022 and accepted the job offer in mid-October. Julian has been in this new role for just under a year.

Read his full interview below!

Explain who you are, the position you hold, and the company you’re with.

My name is Julian Torres, VP Engineering at American Turned Products.  I recently re-joined the organization in November 2022.  Prior to this appointment, I held roles in program management and engineering within the aerospace industry.  In addition, I previously held roles within manufacturing engineering, including engineering and quality management with American Turned Products between 2004 and 2013.

What was your reaction to the initial contact from the Decision Associates team, whether in response to your application submission or reaching out to you as a passive candidate?

My initial reaction was a mix of curiosity and excitement.  I had a strong working knowledge of American Turned Products already and was familiar with Decision Associates as well, so it was an easy decision to explore this executive position further.

Describe the communication you received from the Decision Associates team throughout the interview process. What was one aspect of it that stood out to you?

The communication I received from Decision Associates can be summarized as professional, consistent, and clear.  One aspect that stood out was the promptness of response to any questions and follow-up coordination needed for the interview process.  It was very clear there was a proven framework in place and the entire team (Julie Hayes, Elizabeth Cipolla, Amanda Kochirka, and Jim Ryan) made sure the process moved forward as efficiently as possible.

What value did having a member of the Decision Associates team facilitating each interview provide to your overall experience?

Elizabeth Cipolla’s facilitation at various stages in the interview process was incredibly valuable to help effectively communicate the needs of the American Turned Products and to provide many opportunities to highlight my own strengths.  Elizabeth was able to get the most out of our scheduled time to make sure this opportunity would be mutually beneficial to both parties!

What value did having a member of the Decision Associates team facilitating the presentation of your job offer and the subsequent negotiation provide to your overall experience?

Again, Elizabeth’s facilitation during the job offer phase was very helpful which resulted in a fantastic overall experience to the entire recruitment process.  Elizabeth made sure all questions were addressed, the terms were clear and I came away with the impression she was dedicated and focused on ensuring my that needs were met.

Describe the value that the structured onboarding check-ins have had to getting you comfortable in your new role and acclimated to the company.

The structured onboarding check-ins (5/30/60/90-day) with Aaron Phillips were great conversations to make sure everything was going well.  The questions provided in advance helped to drive the conversation with a focus on both short-term and long-term outlook.  The structured check-ins with Decision Associates complemented the regular 1-on-1 sync-ups that I have with our COO, which continue today to make sure we remain aligned with strategic goals.

What would you say to the leader of an organization who is considering Decision Associates as their search partner?

I would strongly recommend utilizing Decision Associates as a search partner for executive recruitment.  As a candidate, I felt that I had a team of experts with me from start to finish; always ready to answer questions and provide support as needed to ensure the recruitment process remained efficient.  From an organizational perspective, this was a very thorough and detailed evaluation, through multiple interviews and other assessments, to make sure that I was a good fit for the organization.  Decision Associates really made the process clear and straightforward.  I’m grateful to the entire Decision Associates team and appreciate all their hard work with this successful recruitment experience.