Is now the right time for your organization to hire an executive search team?

“How can good companies, mediocre companies, even bad companies achieve enduring greatness?” Through research and observation, author Jim Collins and his team found that “great” organizations possess distinguishing elements that are directly tied to leadership and teamwork – proving the impact of talent on the success of an organization. When faced with the task of hiring critical talent, leadership teams will consider whether they need to partner with an executive search firm. In fact, you may be on or leading a team that is currently facing those questions. Consider these critical points before your team settles on a decision that will impact your company’s future greatness:

  1. Complexity of the role – What level of seniority does this position hold within the organization? Determine how this person’s responsibilities will impact the business – strategically, financially and culturally. The more integrated the role is, the more difficult, yet essential it is identify a strong pool of candidates. Hiring an executive search firm gives access to an extensive network, including their in-depth knowledge of senior candidates in multiple industries. Their candidate pools are going to be more specific and unique to matching your exact position requirements, compared to an internal recruiting team’s. 
  2. Facilitation – New leadership roles often need to be created to support company expansion. This takes a significant amount of time to develop, carefully source and interview for, and choose the most qualified candidate to support growth. A search firm can efficiently navigate this process, saving your organization valuable time that should be spent elsewhere.
  3. Leadership transition – A change in significant leadership can cause disruption and create a situation that is best handled by an outside party. Having seen these types of situations before, an executive search team will be able to anticipate challenges and facilitate productive discussions to design a specialized transition plan for your organization’s specific needs.   

Decision Associates’ executive recruitment experience includes CEOs, presidents, vice presidents, directors and managers for a wide range of organizations across many industries. Our proven recruitment process finds candidates who fit your management team and can help you achieve your organizational goals. To ensure we present candidates who best fit your organization, our recruiting searches encompass a knowledge and skills assessment, a culture assessment, compensation analysis, onboarding support, and employer branding.

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