How Do Your Customers Grade You?

by Sue Moore

Decision Associates may have helped you assess your talent and recruit the right people to make the sales for your company. Hopefully, you have them all on board and they are doing a spectacular job for you. But, are you sure they are getting all the work possible from your customers? Do you have competitors who are taking a large chunk of work that you could get? Do you know which ones they are and what have you done to get that work? Have you spoken with them about any issues that need cleared?

We offer a Customer Survey process that has been working well for years. We help you determine the real questions that you want answered. The, we contact your list of customers for one-on-one telephone time to ascertain the information that you need and then return with a full written report. Whether you use it for ISO certification or for your own internal use, there are many advantages.

In the past, we have been able to find new work for our clients from their existing customers, find out reasons that past customers have gone to the competition and, in some cases, help to resolve the issues and get your customers to come back. We have also gained insight on how well your employees/sales reps are doing and make it possible to give them a nice pat on the back for a job well done! In the process we can also explore what issues your customers are facing, how well their own company is doing and what niches they are filling where you might be able to assist.

Having a third party make the contacts also keeps the customer talking. We are neutral and they will confide in us when they may not want to bring up issues, big or small, with you and your sales crew. We love talking about our clients to their customers and helping to bring about more profits, goodwill and testimonials!