Celebrating The Past

& Shaping Our Future

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A Message from the Owner

Throughout the year, we will be honoring the 40th anniversary of Decision Associates and celebrating the relationships with our clients, our referral partners, and with current and former employees. Our founder, Don Moore, understood the power of relationships. When Don founded the firm in 1984, he connected with the banking and legal community to serve as referral sources. Those connections that started four decades ago still exist today and have grown even deeper.

Decision Associates has strived over the past 40 years to become trusted partners for our clients, referral sources and the communities we serve. We believe that being a trusted partner separates us from our competition and provides opportunities for a long-standing relationship.

When we reflect on our 40th anniversary, we feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude to all of the consultants, referral sources, and clients who have worked for and with us. We are committed to pushing ourselves to continuously improve and evolve as we begin our next 40 years. Our vision is to be a nationally recognized team of advisors that offer a comprehensive and transformative suite of business services to the benefit of the organizations and the communities we serve. Thank you to our current and former team, our partners, and clients for making the past 40 years wonderful and memorable, and here’s to all the exciting things to come in the next 40.

Aaron Phillips, Owner