Find Out Why Your Future Employer Might Be “Ghosting” You

Find Out Why Your Future Employer Might Be “Ghosting” You 

A recent study allowed employers to give their two cents on causes behind the challenge to fill open positions over the past few years. Among the reasons cited were fear of illness, lack of applicable and relevant skillsets, career path or industry shifts, and the aging and retirement of the Baby Boomer generation. One cause that wasn’t mentioned however, was anything that related to responsibility on the employer’s part.  

A study conducted by the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) revealed that out of 1,000 unemployed Americans, 42% said the reason they remain unemployed is because of a lack of response to jobs that they’ve applied for. If organizations are in such desperate need for workers, why are they “ghosting” those who are interested? Are there underlying reasons for what have been reported as “unclear and often silent” hiring processes?  

Companies are strapped for help, meaning not only is the current staff working to maintain their normal workloads, but they’re also balancing additional responsibilities due to unfilled positions This leaves little bandwidth for the hiring process needed to fill the position(s) that are causing the intense overload. The issue is a vicious cycle, and until the right person is hired, companies will continue to work in overdrive.  

Interestingly enough, the market size of the management consulting industry in the United States has grown 5.1% per year between 2017 and 2022. Whether this increase is a result of employers having difficulty finding the time to recruit talent simply being  unsuccessful with the hiring process, the point is clear: organizations need outside help to fill open roles and do so in the most efficient, effective means possible. At Decision Associates, we walk side-by-side with clients through our proven recruitment process to find candidates who fit your team’s culture and can help you achieve your organizational goals.