We, Me, and the World: What’s Next for the Employee Experience

We, Me, and the World: What’s Next for the Employee Experience 

In 2023, 4,000 US and UK employees were surveyed regarding their views on corporate culture. 50% of employees said they would consider resigning if the company’s values did not align with their own. Although 66% said their company addressed their employees’ wellbeing, only 34% said their employer communicated with them about topics surrounding environmental and societal issues, which have become increasingly important to building and maintaining a strong corporate culture.  

Every action and decision made has an impact across three dimensions: Me, We, and the World. Part of establishing better, intentional corporate behaviors is acknowledging that companies, the We, have a social responsibility and impact on the World and the Me, individuals within that business. Research on leadership styles has continued to prove that conscious, mindful leadership has deep rooted influence on the people and performance of the business. Corporate culture impact is not limited to the internal environment either; these decisions cause a ripple on the organization’s customers, products, and competitors.  

Determining what a culture-first company means is not simple. Acknowledging the impact that the We has on the Me redirects towards a more holistic outcome approach for all parties involved in the company’s desired form of success. Companies have aimed to enhance the employee experience by providing in-house connection events and personalized benefits, however these offerings are not satisfying the meaningful engagement employees continue to crave. Some are still operating with an arrogant mentality (possibly caused by the Great Resignation) that their employees are lucky to have a job. Something needs to change.  

Engaging employees is going to require a major shift from what businesses have been prioritizing over the past few years. The lockdown resulted in a bigger focus on the Me dimension by prioritizing individuals’ wellbeing and the We dimension by shifting towards remote work. Businesses need to shift again, but this time towards the World dimension. Companies must start by acknowledging the impact that they are having on society and the environment, past their direct internal and external factors. Involving employees and customers in a cause bigger than themselves and the company they work for is becoming an important part of what gives an employee’s work value. “The current and future employees especially are focused on transparency, measurable positive impact, and actionable commitments to society at large.” (Debevoise) Unfortunately, previous years of culture-changing corporate gestures have created a skeptical and weary atmosphere around company values, mission statements, and causes. The key to change is rebuilding and maintaining trust that what what you say you are going to do, you do. Aim for progression over perfection, and always lead with authenticity.  



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