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“Decision Associates assisted Knox Law in two key searches: the hiring of our first Marketing Director and the replacement of a long-time Chief Administrative Officer. Abby Lechner led both searches, joined in the latter by Aaron Phillips. They guided us through a process that identified well-qualified candidates and included thorough assessments and interviews, resulting in each case in an excellent hire. Abby and Aaron were diligent, pleasant and professional in all of their interactions with the candidates and our team. We won’t hesitate to use them again when the need arises.”
Tom Tupitza, President
Knox McLaughlin Gornall & Sennett, P.C.


Jim Ryan  
Everything DiSC - the New Assessment Tool for You
by Jim Ryan

I have written about Human Capital assessment instruments many times in this space over the past several years. Job-related and behavioral-based employee and applicant assessment tools continue to be among the fastest growing and useful HR methods in use today. Decision Associates has been on the cutting edge in the use of these tools in the Erie region for many years. In fact, most of our clients have made the Profile XT an integral and essential part of their selection process for prospective professional and management candidates. But, today, I am here to discuss another instrument - Everything DiSC, A Wiley Product.

Most of you have some familiarity with the Classic DISC. That tool grew out of the DISC Theory developed in the classic work The Emotions of Normal People. The Classic DISC assessment was developed using the DISC Theory at the University of Minnesota. The theory suggests that all people’s dominant behaviors can be classified into one of four categories: Dominant, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientious. Of course there are situational overlaps but one of the four is primary. Now, Wiley has gone further in the creation of the Everything DiSC.

Unlike most other solutions available, our family of Everything DiSC tools focuses on the complete learning process regardless of someone’s role in the organization. Once people experience an Everything DiSC Profile, they see the world and others with whom they interact through a new lens. These tools have the power to transform learners’ understanding of themselves and others, offering new choices for how they interact with the people around them.

This is a simple tool but not simplistic. One of the biggest differentiators of Everything DiSC is that it is much more than a data dump. Our Profiles show how to use the model, especially with others. Knowing oneself and one’s behaviors with ideas and suggestions on how to most effectively interact with others of the same, similar or different positions within the DiSC quadrants improves performance, team work and productivity. There are Everything DiSC tools for the Workplace (regardless of position), Sales (how to recognize one’s own sales style and the buyer’s as well), Management (one to one) and the Work of Leaders (one to many).

There is much more to say about the sophisticated but simple and easy-to-use assessment tools available through Decision Associates but space will not allow it here. Call us. Your organization will be the better for it.

Contact Jim Ryan at 814-881-2203 or email him at for more information.