Decision Associates M & A News

by Don Moore

In this newsletter, you’ll find announcements for two companies that Decision Associates M&A represented in their sale transaction. There are many and varied reasons that lead company ownership to decide to sell.  When they make that decision, they are universal in asking us to find a buyer that will keep the company in the region. They want to preserve the jobs of employees whom they truly care about and to continue the economic impact to a community of which they’ve been a part. As you know from the media, this is not easy; a buying company often finds it far more productive to consolidate a new acquisition into existing facilities elsewhere.

Over the last 5 years, Decision Associates M&A has been able to find that “perfect buyer” for each of the companies we’ve represented; the buyer that values our client’s current location, market reach, facilities, employee skill set and operational capabilities. And, in looking at the history of every transaction, the buyers have invested in the companies that they’ve bought, adding jobs and expanding as they’ve integrated their new asset.

Realistically, we cannot promise an ongoing 100% success rate for local retention. But, with the two latest transactions, Process and Data Automation and Lakeview Forge, our track record remains intact. And, the new owners have already mapped growth plans for these companies.

I think the key to our success to date has been that BJ Lechner and I are able to understand the core capabilities of a company; that is, those few things that make it successful.  With that information, we and the market research team at Decision Associates, have become very adept at identifying prospective buyers who should have a very high value for those core capabilities. That not only results in a sale in which the buyer has a vested interest in keeping the company here, but it also results in an above-market transaction price for our client.

We will keep doing everything we can to keep that track record going. If you would like more information about our M&A business, contact Don Moore at  or 814-881-6168 or B.J. Lechner at 814-602-2228.