Reaching the Top 20 Percent in your industry

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Decision Associates has helped dozens of companies evolve to “best in class” performance, reaching the Top 20 Percent in their respective industries.

Many of our clients begin working with Decision Associates on strategic planning or marketing initiatives. Then, they often turn to organizational development to create a structure to accommodate growth, develop employees and recruit executive talent.

Along the way, our clients ask us to provide solutions for improving their sales processes, implementing operations efficiencies, or addressing unexpected growth. In time, Decision Associates may be called upon to develop a succession plan for the management team or even to prepare the organization for a merger or acquisition. This integration of services is, in fact, the primary benefit many of our clients cite when working with Decision Associates.

The bottom line in every instance is a shared focus on becoming a “best in class” company and reaping the benefits of being in the Top 20 Percent in their respective industries. Working together with our clients, Decision Associates’ executive consultants plan and work to get to this level, helping these companies accumulate and leverage powerful advantages to achieve sustained success.

Why being “best in class” matters

There are clearly defined reasons that Decision Associates’ clients reach the Top 20 percent in their respective fields. Among them are leadership, management, organizational structure, product or service development, marketing and selling.

The Benefits of Reaching The Top 20 Percent

Nonprofit Organizations
Attract the best customersAttract the best donors
Have the strongest profitabilityHave the strongest financial stability
Maintain the best market positionHold the best public awareness
Set market pricing policy and price pointsAttract the best board members and staff
Command the best negotiating position with suppliers, insurers, and professional service providersMaintain the best relationships with grant-making agencies, regulators, and political entities
In a recession, sustain customer confidence, and supportIn a recession, sustaining donor and funding agencies’ confidence and support

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Our Consultants

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Elizabeth Cipolla
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Terry Cascioli
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Mike Smiley
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Aaron Phillip Principal/Executive Consultant at Decision Associates
Aaron Phillips

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