Strategic planning does not have to be complex

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Decision Associates believes that determining when to do a strategic plan is tied directly to a shared understanding of your “movie of the future.”

While there are thousands of books written on strategic planning, we assure you the process does not have to be complex.  Every organization simply needs to take a little time each year to consider a few key questions. If your team cannot reach consensus on the answers to these questions, then it is time consider updating your strategic plan.

Why being “best in class” matters

There are clearly defined reasons that Decision Associates’ clients reach the Top 20 percent in their respective fields. Among them are leadership, management, organizational structure, product or service development, marketing and selling.

Key Strategic Planning Questions

  1. What are the three critically important things our company must do in the next few months? In the next year?
  2. If we “fast forward” three or four years, what will our organization look like? What will be different?
  3. Does our entire team have a shared understanding of where we are going and what we need to do to get there?

 More Specific Questions

  1. What challenges do we face and how will they impact our markets, customers, suppliers and competitors?
  2. What capabilities do we have that make us better than our competitors?
  3. What is working in our business right now that we must sustain?
  4. What weaknesses do we have that we must correct?
  5. What threats are looming that we need to address?
  6. What are the action steps and timeline to accomplish what we need to do?

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