Learning how to be an effective leader

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Decision Associates’ Next Generation Peer Group is ideal for those who recently entered a family business or are on track to executive management.

Our Next Generation Peer Group concentrates on what is required to become an effective leader in your organizations. We also address the special needs and challenges of the family-owned business environment. Key benefits of this peer group include:

  • Exposure to best practices for business
  • Perspective and peer input on “burning issues”
  • Networking with professionals at similar career stage
  • Opportunity to translate business theory into practice
  • Access to experts and speakers on wide range of topics

In each meeting, Decision Associates’ executive consultant facilitates structured discussions that provoke thoughtful insights and real learning. We also host guest speakers and tour companies that offer best-in-class examples.

Every Next Generation Peer Group session and any one-on-one coaching is conducted in a confidential, private environment. As with all our peer groups, our focus is on collaborative interaction and customized learning among individuals sharing similar career goals. 


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