Collaborative learning and growth for company leaders

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Decision Associates’ CEO-Owner Peer Group builds value and depth, focusing on such topics as company culture, financial stability, and succession.

In our CEO-Owner Peer Group, members understand that to grow the business, they must grow as well. All sessions and related discussions are conducted in a confidential, private environment.

In turn, group participants are selected so that there are no competitors or direct customers or suppliers. As part of Decision Associates’ CEO-Owner Peer Group, you experience:

  • Collaborative Interaction. The peer group offers a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and gain new perspectives from those who share your challenges and passions.
  • Customized Learning. This is not a pre-packaged curriculum. Our executive consultants and guest experts share the latest thinking and best practices on topics most relevant to your group.
  • Professional Facilitation. Decision Associates’ most seasoned consultants work directly with peer group participants to ensure productive and efficient discussion and learning.
  • Individual Coaching. In addition to monthly peer group sessions, our executive consultants offer one-on-one coaching, problem-solving, and strategic insights.

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