Customized performance management systems

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Decision Associates’ develops custom performance management systems that ensure ongoing feedback while increasing employee engagement and retention. 

Our experienced organizational development consultants have helped dozens of businesses and nonprofit organizations replace outdated employee evaluation processes. In place of these, Decision Associates designs performance management processes that promote continual communication and feedback and lead to stronger output for your company.

Decision Associates’ performance management approach focuses on strengthening your employees’ potential by reinforcing what they are doing right, while providing the development support they need in the areas where they are growing. To achieve this, our customized systems often incorporate:

  • Weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions with direct reports to discuss progress against personal goals.
  • Personalized performance goals tied to specific projects
  • Real-time, two-way conversations about project progress
  • Milestone check-ins to ensure everything is on track and progressing in the right direction
  • Regular success celebrations to inspire productivity
  • Integration of timesaving software to take the busy work out of managing ongoing feedback 

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Our Consultants

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