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Decision Associates offers leadership training that ranges from staff development plans for your entire organization to one-on-one coaching.

Our leadership training consultants understand that investing in your executive and management teams is the key to propelling your business to the next level. Decision Associates’ comprehensive leadership development approach is proven to strengthen your team’s leadership skills and business acumen.

We work closely with you to identify your training needs, be it your executive group, a departmental team or select individuals preparing for increased responsibilities. Typical areas of focus include:

  • Communications skills
  • Employee motivation
  • Culture and team building
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Managing and mentoring staff
  • Human resources regulations and policies
  • Marketing, sales, and distribution
  • Operations management and measurement
  • Financial statement interpretation
  • Performance management and wage administration
  • Banking practices, capital investment and borrowing

Every training program is interactive and utilizes the proven model of 70-20-10 leadership development and experiential learning. Our leadership training and staff development services also include eLearning, microlearning, live instruction, action learning and coaching.

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Our Consultants

Elizabeth Cipola Executive Consultant at Decision Associates
Elizabeth Cipolla
Aaron Phillip Principal/Executive Consultant at Decision Associates
Aaron Phillips
Amanda Kochirka
Julie Hayes Recruitment Sourcing Specialist at Decision Associates
Julie Hayes

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