Customized coaching and mentoring

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Decision Associates offers executive coaching for your organization’s leadership, from owners and CEO’s to managers and other potential contributors.

At Decision Associates, we know what it is like to make decisions that can affect the future of an organization. We have been in the same position and have experience and knowledge to help you make the right choices for your organization. We help your team look at any situation from various perspectives and work through problems or issues strategically.

Customized executive coaching and mentoring plans

We tailor our coaching and mentoring services to meet your organizational needs and goals. No issue is too small or too complex. In turn, Decision Associates’ executive coaches work with you to establish an internal support system to reinforce the growth that occurs through our one-on-one coaching. 

Our Process

Phase 1

Assessment and Recommendation

The key to success with a coach is having the right starting point. This requires a snapshot of the current reality. Decision Associates uses several tools for this assessment, including behavioral and 360 evaluations.

Phase 2


Together, we’ll develop a coaching agenda that incorporates:

  1. The areas of performance that you want to focus upon
  2. The weighting and urgency of each
  3. The goals that you want to achieve
  4. Everyday situational issues
  5. Progress updates with the individual and their leader

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Our Consultants

Terry Cascioli Executive Consultant at Decision Associates
Terry Cascioli
Elizabeth Cipola Executive Consultant at Decision Associates
Elizabeth Cipolla
Aaron Phillip Principal/Executive Consultant at Decision Associates
Aaron Phillips
Amanda Kochirka
Julie Hayes Recruitment Sourcing Specialist at Decision Associates
Julie Hayes

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