Improve your sales forecasting, prospecting and performance

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Decision Associates’ sales development consultants help you to assess and improve your sales forecasting, prospecting and performance.

To many of your customers, your sales team is the face of your company, often serving as the main point of contact. More importantly, the value you provide is often the direct result of your sales team uncovering or creating a need for your products and services. That is why Decision Associates believes it is so critical to manage your sales force effectively.

The Sales Assessment

Our sales development consultants help you develop the processes and metrics needed to align your sales efforts with your company’s business objectives. We begin this by taking the time to understand all aspects of your sales efforts, including:

  • How sales goals set and monitored
  • How forecasting is used within your organization
  • How RFI and RFQ vetting is handled
  • How sales performance is monitored
  • How well current customers fit your business
  • What connects you to your best customers
  • How you prospect for new business
  • The typical sales cycle for new customers
  • The conversion rate from lead to an initial project
  • How your incentive compensation programs drive performance

Proven Sales Methodology

With input from a thorough sales assessment, Decision Associates sales experts help you set realistic sales goals. We ensure that these goals are supported with proven sales forecasting and prospecting techniques. Our ultimate goal is to establish systems that drive ongoing accountability and results.

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Our Consultants

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Terry Cascioli
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