A sales pipeline of your most profitable opportunities

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At Decision Associates, our lead generation process is designed to cultivate a sales pipeline of the most profitable opportunities for your business.

To identify these “best-fit” prospects, Decision Associates’ market research consultants compare your core capabilities in existing markets to adjacent growing markets. We then consider who is in those markets and what is required to win.

The benefits of lead generation

In essence, Decision Associates’ lead generation process provides you with a sales pipeline that includes the right companies to approach, the right people to talk to and the right approach to persuade them to consider your company. The benefits of our lead generation process includes improvements in:

  • Pipeline velocity
  • Win percentage
  • Closing speed
  • Acquisition cost
  • Best-fit customers

Why we focus on “best-fit” customers

Consider that every minute you spend on the phone with someone who is a poor or average fit for your company is a minute you are not spending with a highly qualified prospect. Quite simply, the better your leads, the more of your time is spent on profitable sales.

In our experience, Decision Associates’ lead generation process helps address various marketing and sales challenges, including:

  • Stagnant sales
  • Low quote win: loss ratio
  • Lack of quoting opportunities
  • Customer or industry concentration issues
  • Inadequate differentiation in the marketplace

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