Critical support for new hire assimilation and retention

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Onboarding support is a key element of Decision Associates’ executive recruitment service and is provided at no additional cost. 

Our executive recruitment consultants know that a planned and comprehensive onboarding process is critical to your new hire’s assimilation and retention. By providing onboarding support, Decision Associates helps protect your investment in a professional search and ensures that your new hire is engaged, productive, and committed to your organization.

Two primary aspects of our onboarding support are:

  • Development of a decision-making matrix for the role, i.e., when can the new hire make independent decisions and when do decisions need a higher authority
  • Facilitation of formal milestone check-ins after one week, 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days

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Our Consultants

Julie Hayes Recruitment Sourcing Specialist at Decision Associates
Julie Hayes
Elizabeth Cipola Executive Consultant at Decision Associates
Elizabeth Cipolla
Amanda Kochirka
Renee Thayer Associate Consultant at Decision Associates
Renee Thayer
Carmen Phillips at Decision Associates
Carmen Phillips
Aaron Phillip Principal/Executive Consultant at Decision Associates
Aaron Phillips
Mike Smiley Executive Consultant at Decision Associates
Mike Smiley

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