Executive Coaching Elevates Performance of Valued Department Director

The Challenge We Identified

As the anticipated retirement of a key senior executive approached, our client was having second thoughts about the probable internal successor. Although this department leader was high performing, her management style and interpersonal skills had created challenges among her peers and in the company.

Having worked extensively with this client on several initiatives, Decision Associates suggested a focused period of one-on-one executive coaching with the department director. Our goal was to help the individual assess her strengths while addressing the areas of concern.

Our Approach To The Problem

To clarify the challenges company leaders had noted, Decision Associates:

  • Conducted intake review sessions with both executive leadership and the department director to understand their perspectives
  • Met with the department director to establish goals to address the challenges identified
  • Reviewed the 360-Performance and DiSC assessments with both executive leadership and the department director
  • Worked with the department director to identify specific areas of strength and reflect on “blind spots” where performance was lacking or actions misinterpreted
  • Assisted the department director in establishing goals to support the company’s needs as well as her own professional growth

What Has Happened Since

At the mid-point in this executive coaching assignment, our client and the department director have confirmed notable improvements in performance. As a result, the department director now sees a clear picture of her future in the company and the company has a stronger sense of her potential for a executive leadership role. Specifically, the department director is now:

  • Building trust with her supervisors and peers
  • Delegating more and allowing others to help
  • Listening more closely to her internal customers
  • More open to concerns and issues voiced by others
  • Modeling behavior that the company strives to achieve