Capitalize on Disruptive Change with Market Research

by Ricardo Guardiola

So, you believe that a game-changing disruption in your market is on the horizon? Your internal experts predict it and trusted industry insiders agree. But do you truly have all the information you need to make critical and strategic decisions for the future of your company?

This was exactly the case for a recent Decision Associates client who has interests in the waterborne transportation of metals, energy commodities and agricultural products. With our careful, evidence-based analysis of domestic and global data, we were able to clearly define their timeline for profitable growth as well as the scope of the opportunities at hand.

Companies that are most successful at executing strategy from the actionable insights ascertained from information outside of their control yet critical to their success shape the future of their industries. Every company needs insight into the future of their industries to inform how to grow profitably from novel opportunities and how to mitigate risks from forces beyond their control.

Many things can go wrong when designing a research approach to answer questions about the future state of the world. These problems grow exponentially when an organization does the wrong things with the wrong data, or the wrong things with the right data. A technically perfect analysis can lead an organization down the wrong path if the wrong questions are asked to begin with, or if the underlying assumptions are not examined out in the open in full detail.

A key deliverable of Decision Associates is the fundamental understanding of the relationship between data and strategic decision making. We know how and when to incorporate scientifically rigorous research initiatives and emerging analytic techniques to see through the fog of business and direct a plan of attack toward profitable growth. We invite your call to discuss how this might apply to your key challenges in 2016.