Brand Tone of Voice: What is brand tone of voice?

By: Emma Steele

Branding is crucial to business success.

Well-executed, consistent branding gives your business an identity, makes it memorable, and encourages consumer trust.

In 2023, a report by the Edelman Trust Institute found that 67% of consumers are more likely to stay loyal to and advocate for a brand they trust.

What comes to mind when you hear the word “branding”?

People often first think of the visual elements, like a logo, color palettes, or fonts.

Tone of voice is not usually a mentioned top of mind element.

In this 3 part blog series, we will be looking at:

  1. What brand tone is
  2. Why its important
  3. How it impacts your business in terms of dollars

Let’s dive in!

What is brand tone?

First off, tone of voice is the quality and emotion expressed in a person’s voice. Tone affects the way a listener perceives what is being said.

Brand tone refers to how a business communicates with their audience through its writing style, diction, and emotional base. It should align with the business’ values and ultimately resonate with its target audience.

Consistency across all materials and platforms is key to a successful brand tone. Consumers become familiar with the brand which makes building trust more natural.

Let’s take a look at an example – Dove.

A household staple personal care brand, Dove has created a powerful brand tone that uplifts consumers with encouragements to “embrace their inner beauty.”

Dove is committed to their goal of helping women celebrate their authentic selves, which is reflected in the supportive tone of voice that is consistent across all Dove media types.

During this year’s 2024 Super Bowl, Dove ran an ad that highlighted the following statistic:

45% of girls drop out of sports because of low body confidence (Unilever)

The ad was followed with a call to #KeepHerConfident and aligned with Dove’s announcement in partnering with Nike to create the Body Confident Sport program- “a free, evidence-based tool designed to help sports coaches support girls on their teams, build their body confidence, and keep them in the game.”