2017 HR Ten Point Tune-up

The New Year is upon us and 2017 offers new opportunities to continuously improve your department and your organization. Here is a list of 10 items to address as we progress through 2017:

Review Job Descriptions for Accuracy
It is very common for duties and responsibilities to change and evolve over the course of the year. Correct and accurate job descriptions are important to ensure your employees understand their duties and responsibilities.

Establish Corporate Goals for 2017
What are your targets for 2017? Establishing goals and business objectives and communicating these with your staff are critical for alignment at all levels of your company.

Evaluate Your Employee Handbook
Did any issues arise of the course of the year that need to be addressed with the handbook? Are there any policies that need added or revised?

Conduct An Employee Satisfaction Survey
Have you ever wondered what your employees think about your company? Ask them! Conduct an employee survey and when you get the results, take action. Address the concerns and build a strong, engaged employee group.

Evaluate Staffing
Are there pending retirements within your staff? Evaluate the staffing in your critical positions. Do you have potential disciplinary issues that would lead to a change in your staffing?

Conduct Departmental Audits
What is the critical paperwork or reports that need to be maintained in your departments? Human Resources, Quality and Finance are examples of departments that maintain vital records. Conduct a spot audit to ensure you are maintaining the appropriate paperwork.

Evaluate Staff Compensation
Benchmarking your compensation with others in your local area and your industry is an important exercise. Conducting this evaluation on an annual basis is essential to ensure your wages are competitive.

Conduct Benefits Evaluation
Many companies have just renewed their health insurance and you feel as if you have gone through the wringer. But offering a competitive benefits package is critical for retaining and attracting top talent. Do you offer a competitive benefits package? This is a great time to evaluate the benefits you offer your employees.

Evaluate Your Employee Engagement Programs
Has your employee of the month program lost its shine? What else can you do to recognize your employees? Do you recognize employee birthdays and their service? Do you have employee events scheduled throughout the year: company picnic, Thanksgiving lunch, Christmas party?

Conduct Performance Appraisals
Does your company conduct annual performance evaluations? At a minimum, it is important to provide feedback to your staff and many companies conduct evaluations in the first quarter. Ask your managers to begin preparing for the upcoming appraisals.