Area Nonprofits Look to Achieve Top 20% Status

Amanda Kochirka
Posted: Tuesday Jan 16th, 2018

As we look forward to 2018, many nonprofit leaders and boards are re-assessing various aspects of their organizations to determine what changes are needed to better navigate the ever-changing nonprofit landscape. To help you start these conversations, here are some areas your organization should be thinking about as you move into the year ahead.

How to Make Your Marketing Industrial Strength in 2018

Mike Smiley
Posted: Tuesday Jan 16th, 2018

What are the essential B2B business trends for 2018? What do you need to do to get your website right? What are the top rated tactics to help you engage more prospects and win more work?

Is Your Organization Prepared to Take Advantage of this Opportunity?

Aaron Phillips
Posted: Tuesday Jan 16th, 2018

The recent stories about transition at our local General Electric facility and a staff reduction at Lord corporation have been troubling. Trying times at these employers presents an opportunity for other manufacturing companies. The quality of the candidates who have recently been caught up in the reductions is impressive.

“When we needed to make a new hire, we contacted Decision Associates. We were very pleased with the process that they used and the attention they gave to our company. Though we didn’t find the ideal candidate for the job, they moved us in a direction that actually made more sense than hiring. They guided us on the right path for the changes and made recommendations that were perfect for our organization. They looked at what the best decision for our company was, even though it wasn’t the first path that we took. We valued the insight, suggestions and the good working relationship that we built. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Decision Associates for recruiting and/or operational improvements.”

~ Steve Henderson, President
Great Lakes Cast Stone, Inc.

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