Watch Ask HR Webinar April 24, 2020

Elizabeth Cipolla
Posted: Monday Apr 27th, 2020

In our fourth webinar, Elizabeth Cipolla covered these topics:

  • Employer Compliance Updates
  • Preparing Your Organization for What's Next: After the Worst of the Pandemic Has Passed

Click here to watch a recording of the webinar

Here are some additional resources you can download:

Our next free webinar will be this Friday, May 1st. Check back here for registration information later this week. If you have not received an invitation, please feel free to email Elizabeth Cipolla to be added! Contact Elizabeth at

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"The Performance Review that Decision Associates created not only meets all of our needs but exceeded our expectations. We have been utilizing this format for several years now and have found the review easy to complete for both management and employees. The Performance Review is an interactive process that promotes employee engagement directly related to the primary responsibilities of each position and puts the employee in the driver's seat of their professional growth. This review process has proven to be meaningful to our employees demonstrated by employees talking about their review and the objectives they have set for themselves throughout the year."

~ Sara Wurst, Director of Operations
Verify Services, LLC

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