Seminar: Position your business now - How to build value by 20%

Sue Moore
Posted: Monday Mar 28th, 2016

Whether you’re planning for retirement within five years, getting calls from potential buyers to test your interest, or looking to reap rewards of your hard you know what your company is really
worth if you plan to sell?

Selling businesses is becoming very competitive, so it’s critical to work on making your company more attactive to buyers now to bring the highest profit later. Hear from experts working on business transitions with manufacturers in Northwest PA as they share insights and steps that will benefit you when it’s time to sell.

Discussion to include:

  •  Improving business valuation with new planning tools, technology, and best practices.
  • Learning what buyers really want.
  • Increasing your potential sale by 20%.


Don Moore
Partner, Decision Associates M&A LLC

B.J. Lechner
Partner, Decision Associates M&A LLC

Susan Hileman
Strategic Business Advisor, NWIRC


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“Being in a peer group is extremely valuable because it’s a place where you can speak confidentially to other business professionals who understand your business issues, and can help you develop a path forward to handling them. It has also fostered my professional growth and helped me to understand and implement a variety of management techniques and strategies through the analysis of several books and articles.”

~ Danielle Bates, CPA, Controller
Accudyn Products, Inc.

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