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Decision Associates knows that hiring a CEO is often a critical step in implementing the succession or exit plan for your business.

Our succession experts understand that having a highly qualified CEO provides evidence to potential buyers that the business is on track for continued success, even if the current owner steps down. In turn, hiring the right leader for your company allows you to:

  • Step away from the day-to-day operations of the business
  • Focus on providing strategic direction to continue to grow the business
  • Make the business more attractive to a potential buyer

The value of executive recruitment

At Decision Associates, our executive recruitment consultants can help you identify candidates who possess the experience and leadership qualities, and entrepreneurial talent. We use proven assessment tools such as Profiles XT to ensure candidates match specific criteria that you have deemed critical for the role.

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Our Consultants

Elizabeth Cipola Executive Consultant at Decision Associates
Elizabeth Cipolla
Terry Cascioli Executive Consultant at Decision Associates
Terry Cascioli
Mike Smiley Executive Consultant at Decision Associates
Mike Smiley
Amanda Kochirka
Aaron Phillip Principal/Executive Consultant at Decision Associates
Aaron Phillips

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